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I Need Space! Astronomy Evening - For Grownups

Curious about life outside your home? How about outside your solar system? There has never been a better time to look up and ask the big questions. Join PDSC staff and other adult Earthlings for a fun evening exploring: 




Two nights to choose from: 

National Space Day – Friday 5/1 

May the Fourth – Monday 5/4



This is the inaugural event in our I Need Space! fundraiser series to support the work of PDSC.


Through video, activities, games, and a virtual planetarium show, participants will learn about distant planets and new discoveries. We’ll also discuss the possibility of life beyond our solar system and imagine what it would be like to travel to uncharted exoplanets. Astronomy Evening will be hosted on the Zoom platform, tickets are limited, preregistration is required.  



How it works:  

  1. Purchase your tickets online. Tickets cost $30 (non-members), $27 (members) and are good for up to two adults, joining from the same home on the same screen. All proceeds benefit PDSC. 

  2. All tickets come with a mission bag, complete with instructions and materials for making the most out of Astronomy Evening. Local delivery or pick up will be arranged in advance. Out-of-area participants, or those who don’t want the physical bag, will receive a modified, e-version of materials.  

  3. Put your small Earthlings and/or furry creatures to bed, grab your favorite provisions and set up your command station. We’ll provide suggestions for out of this world snacks and cosmic cocktails. 

  4. Although this event is facilitated through Zoom, we will not be spending the whole time in front of the screen. Prepare for a bit of movement, creation and jaunts out to look at the night sky.  


PDSC is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization

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