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Pre K-2nd Lessons

Busy Bees


It's easy.Buzz, buzz, buzz…what makes bees buzz? Did you know that bees dance? Find out all about bees in this lesson just for little ones.

(No live bees are used)

Plant It

PreK - 3rd

How do seeds travel? Where and how can a plant survive? What is the life-cycle of a plant? Students will be answering these questions and more as they participate in a series of hands-on experiments and games. This lesson is also regionally related as local plants and how they grow on the Palouse will also be investigated.

Sensational Sound

PreK - 3rd

Although we can’t see sound, there are lots of ways to demonstrate sound energy visually. This program is loaded with hands-on activities designed to help students learn how sound is created, how it travels, and how we hear.

Know the Glow

PreK - 1st

Students explore diffraction of white light into colors and learn about phosphors which are revealed by ultraviolet light.

Planetarium Show

PreK - 12th

Your class will be treated to a one-of-a-kind astronomical adventure in our inflatable planetarium. Learn about the outer space topic of your choosing: planets in our solar system and galaxy, constellations, the universe, new astronomical discoveries, and more! Our shows will leave your students with a greater understanding and appreciation for our solar system and the universe.

May the force be with you

K - 2nd

We invite your class to explore the world of magnets in a fun, hands-on lab. Find out what magnets are attracted to, where the magnetic poles are, and lots of interesting properties of magnets.

PUshes and pulls

K - 2nd

How can you build a faster model car? Students will be exploring the basics of physics and simple machines in this lesson. Force and friction will be discussed as students develop a better understanding of what makes an object move. This lesson will conclude with the racing of small cars down an incline plane!

3 Billy Goats Gruff

1st - 3rd

What do the goats need to get to a greener pasture? A bridge of course! This lesson will have students learning the basics of engineering as they learn about ancient architecture and then plan and build bridges to deliver goats of various weights safely to their new pasture.

Kitchen Chemistry

1st - 3rd

Acids, bases, gasses, liquids, solids, fizzing, bubbling, explosions…Students will be learning the basics of chemistry as they conduct hands-on experiments with candy and kitchen items.

Fantastic Fossils

1st - 3rd

What is a fossil? How are fossils made? What can we learn from them? Students will be learning how fossils are made, handling fossils, sorting them into groups, understanding the basic concepts of fossil history through a game, and modeling the fossil creating process through a hands-on activity.

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs

1st - 5th


This lesson uses live bugs from local water sources to conduct scientific investigations! Students will be comparing the life cycles of various bugs as well as performing experiments while making observations and inferences about bug behavior.

Owl Pellets

1st - 5th

What is an owl pellet? What is inside one? In this exploration-based lesson, students dissect an owl pellet and try to determine what prey was eaten by reassembling the bones. This lesson incorporates ecology, physiology, and anatomy.

Superhero Science

1st - 6th

How can the Invisible Woman be invisible? How would a superhero safely throw a ball of flames? This lesson focuses on the science of superhero powers through a series of demonstrations and hands-on activities. Students will learn how light can be bent, what it takes to make something burn, and how the human body collects electricity in this lesson!

Charge it up!

1st - 3rd

Using a variety of materials, students will investigate the amazing effects of the static electricity all around them. A brief introduction to atoms, atom structure, and electrons, will help them make sense of what they observe. Demonstrations with the Van de Graff Generator promise to make this lab a hair-raising experience!

Optical Illusions

2nd - 8th

Enjoy tricking your brain? Students will have the opportunity to learn more about the interaction between their eyes, brain, and light (optics) in this tricky lesson. How does light behave? How do we see? What are illusions? These are just a few questions answered in this lesson as students view demonstrations and participate in hands-on activities.

Electrical Energy

2nd - 5th

Students will be learning about electrical circuits and how the energy from these circuits can be changed into other forms of energy as they view demonstrations and build their own circuits.

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